The idea to set up a global internet platform for guided city and museum tours was born in 2007. After an impressive trip through Oman, accompanied by a local guide, it was clear that everyone should have the opportunity to experience such an authentic holiday as well. At that time, no book has been able to do the same as someone who knew the country and its people so well, spoke interestingly and competently about the local history. We were even introduced to his friends and invited to his family. It was Awesome.

I was lucky to meet Nikola that time, becoming a friend over the years. He is Managing partner of a software development company based in Duisburg and enthusiastic about the concept. So we started programming to give JANUBO a face. Many hours, weeks and months were invested until the website finally saw the light of day on August 8th, 2008. The proof of concept should succeed.

Unfortunately everything turned out differently and it was not possible to generate the necessary momentum. Almost 150 city guides registered on the platform, many tourism authorities were excited about the idea at trade fairs and events, unfortunately unsuccessfully. It was not possible to get equity capital, to do marketing, to establish the brand and the concept.

However, I am convinced that at some point the right business angel will come and then the journey will continue. The concept is still alive.

Bye for now.